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Acclimatization to Hot, Humid Environments

Adapting to differing environmental conditions is called acclimatization. Soldiers who are newly introduced to a hot, humid climate and are moderately active in it can acclimatize in 8 to 14 days. Soldiers who are sedentary take much longer. Until they are acclimatized, soldiers are much more likely to develop heat injuries.

A soldier's ability to perform effectively in hot, humid conditions depends on both his acclimatization and level of fitness. The degree of heat stress directly depends on the relative workload. When two soldiers do the same task, the heat stress is less for the soldier who is in better physical condition, and his performance is likely to be better. Therefore, it is important to maintain high levels of fitness.

Increased temperatures and humidity cause increased heart rates. Consequently, it takes much less effort to elevate the heart rate into the training zone, but the training effect is the same. These facts underscore the need to use combat-development running and to monitor heart rates when running, especially in hot, humid conditions.

Some important changes occur as a result of acclimatization to a hot climate. The following physical adaptations help the body cope with a hot environment:

  • Sweating occurs at a lower body temperature.

  • Sweat production is increased.

  • Blood volume is increased.

  • Heart rate is less at any given work rate.

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